All Indians must register with Indian Embassy

Energy Wednesday 28/August/2019 21:41 PM
By: Times News Service
All Indians must register with Indian Embassy

Muscat: Indian nationals in Oman have been asked to register with the Indian embassy in the country so that help can be quickly brought to them when needed.
The request comes from the Embassy of India in Muscat, and requires both long-term Indian nationals in Oman, as well as those who come for shorter visits, to register online, at
Once online, citizens are required to provide their name, as is present in their passports, their passport number, dates of issue and expiry, their profession, purpose of stay and date of arrival.
Short-term visitors are also required to mention their period of stay, while all Indian nationals in Oman are required to provide their address while in the country.
An official from the Indian embassy told Times of Oman: “This programme we have is so that it is easier for us to provide help to Indian citizens in Oman if they needed it. It helps us provide help in a faster manner. If we know the details of the person, such as his passport information or other communication details, we can get in touch with the person faster.
He added: “We are revamping our website, and as a part of that, we have made this link prominent on our website, and we have shared this across social media as well, asking people to register. Indian residents in Oman will surely know someone or the other at the embassy, but tourists and those who come here for short periods of time will not know anyone, so if they register here and need help, we can get to them easily.
The official went on to say: “If he is stuck and does not know the local laws, for example – this happened in another GCC state where the person did not know he was not allowed to carry certain medicines –and we did not have any way to contact them because he had no relatives there. This is another way for people to register online so that we can reach out to them.”
A statement from the Indian embassy added: “All Indian nationals residing in Oman or visiting Oman are encouraged to register themselves on the Indian embassy website. All Indian citizens residing in Oman for purposes of work, higher education or on a short term visit are requested to register themselves with the Embassy of India, Muscat, Oman.”