ROP arrests five expats for robbing over 10 houses

Business Sunday 18/August/2019 17:30 PM
By: Times News Service
ROP arrests five expats for robbing over 10 houses

Muscat: Five expats were arrested for breaking and entering into as many as 12 houses and stealing the inhabitants possessions, according to the Royal Oman Police (ROP).

A statement by the ROP read: "Police Command in Muscat was able to arrest five expats for breaking into 12 homes during Eid al-Adha holidays and stealing valuables from within the houses".

"The suspects were able to enter these homes after they became certain that their owners had left the houses empty to travel during the holidays," the statement added.

According to the ROP, the suspects used sophisticated equipment to commit the crimes and managed to successfully break-into doors and windows.

"The suspects were able to break into the doors and windows, as well as safes inside the homes using sharp tools."

The suspects were unable to pawn the stolen valuables before the ROP captured them, which assisted in the arrest.

The ROP said: "The suspects were found with the valuables in their possession, as well as the tools they had used in their crimes."

"The ROP warns citizens and residents of Oman to take care and to not leave their homes open when they leave them. They should instead lock their houses and hide away their valuables instead of leaving them in areas where they can be easily accessed. Whenever possible, they should also use modern methods to monitor their homes," the statement by the ROP added.

During a recent ROP media broadcast, police officers warned against the dangers of leaving houses unlocked and urged people to lock their homes and suggested that if they must leave, they should inform their neighbours so that they can watch the home for them.