Moet, the blind cat who lives a lavish life
March 12, 2016 | 11:07 PM
by Hasan Shaban Al Lawati / [email protected]

Muscat: She is probably more popular and enjoys a more exciting social life than any of us.

Meet Moet, the blind cat, who is sharing her lavish lifestyle after Internet users in Oman fell in love with her. (The writer imagines the answers coming from the cat while talking to her owner)

Question: Tell us about yourself.

Answer: I was either born here in a pet shop’s cage or shipped in from a neighbouring country, am not too sure about that.

But I was in the pet shop’s cage from the time I was a young kitten and unfortunately I got cat flu. Nobody at the pet shop seemed to care and they just left me in my cage with very little food and water and no bed, no toys, nothing. I got sicker and nobody ever came to check on me or treat my illness.

A lot of time passed and I got sicker and sicker. Eventually, the bright colours and things I saw started to go fuzzy and one day I woke up and there were only shadows and light. It wasn’t too long after that I could see only darkness. I had now been in that cage for almost a year and I was just resigned to finding eternal sleep in that cage as nobody wanted me and there was nobody to care for me.

Then, very suddenly I was rescued by a lady and taken to a clinic. Although, I wasn’t in a good state, they were very kind to me. I had food, a soft bed, love and cuddles and most importantly, they removed my decaying eyes to save my life.

I’d only been in the vet’s for a week and still had stitches from my surgery, when another lady, (my mother) appeared from nowhere. She spoke to me in a very kind voice and stroked my cheek and said “Yes, I’ll take her.”

Q: Is Emily (your owner) taking good care of you?

A: Oh yes, she’s definitely my BFF. She spoils me rotten, but so she should. I have so many toys and I keep forgetting which one is my favourite. Mum even ordered me a custom made cat tree, which looks like a real tree. Even though it is 6 feet 6 inches, I can climb all the way to the top. I do like to climb... sometimes a bit too much says mum.

I love to sleep next to mum’s pillow at night and to squeak at her incessantly to play when she’s trying to watch TV. I also like to walk across her laptop at inopportune moments and it’s a bonus if it shuts down or the screen goes funny.

Q: Tell us about your fan base and their most frequently asked questions.

A: I started my Twitter account last June and I now have more than 5,300 followers. I just love my Twitter buddies and we have great fun, posting the usual videos and pictures, but also going on virtual trips, ‘pawtying’ together and we even send each other gifts and cards. I got 12 cards and six gifts from my friends in the United States, Canada and the United Kingdom for Christmas and I’ve even had a few other gifts... just because.

On Twitter, I even acquired two ‘beaus’ last year and they send me Valentines requests. Now I must tell you, I’m a lady of principle and am only faithful to my beaus; Basil from the U.K. and Otis from Canada. So, despite a few requests, I shall only be their Valentine. Being only three years old, I’ve never had a Valentine before and I’m not sure what to expect, but I’m very excited. Maybe I can update you on how my ‘dates’ go.

The most asked question is definitely “how do you get around?” But I just tell them to go to my YouTube channel and check out the video called “Ping Pong.” I think it surprises a lot of fans; I get around just like a ‘normal’ cat and I’ve learned my mum’s place by heart, so I never bump into things. Well, except when I’m having ‘mad half hour’ and rush around at top speed, bouncing and jumping at everything (including mum’s ornaments, whoops!).

Q: Is it true that your merchandise is being sold overseas?

A: I have an online store set up on my website: and I have so far had around 13 orders, not only from Oman, but also from the U.S., Canada, U.K. and France. I’m super-excited that my merchandise is being seen overseas!

Q: Why did social media fall in love with Moet?

A: I think it’s because I’m a complete character, as well as being blind. I also do the craziest things at times, which you can see from my Twitter photos. Mum tells me I’m rather cute too, but hey, I’m not vain and I never look in the mirror! I also make sure to interact with my friends and fans as much as possible and although I have a few ‘closer’ friends on social media, I like to reach out to all. I like to make people smile and laugh, as well as offer them a friendly paw.

Q: What about your future plans? Will you go back to being a ‘normal’ cat someday?

A: Me, normal? Never! I’m a one-of-a-kind character, who is happy, happy, happy and loves everybody. I shall maybe work on my diva status a little, but I reckon I could never be ‘normal.’





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