Trending summer hair colours to try

T-Mag Thursday 01/August/2019 07:38 AM
By: Times News Service
Trending summer hair colours to try

Mushroom Blonde
It’s literally everywhere. Why? Because this is the perfect shade to transition with! It’s somewhere between a dark blonde and a light brunette. Balanced, subtle, and fresh, this is the go-to colour for blondes who want to try a shade of brunette before they take the final plunge.

Living Coral
It’s no surprise that this Pantone colour of the year found its way into the trending hair colour shades. Your hairstylists might even call this the metallic peach hue. Don’t be alarmed; on the contrary, be happy you’ve got a stylist who knows exactly what to do.

Sky Blue
Say hello to blue summer skies. Mirroring this beautiful shade through your strands doesn’t sound like a bad idea. Though going completely blue might be slightly extreme (and not acceptable at your workplace), it’s still a fantastic shade if you have light hair and want to streak it with the color of the summer sky.

This shade is vibrant, fun, and absolutely summery. Blondes and lavenders go really well together, so you don’t have to worry about colouring your roots either. Once you’re done with sporting the lavender trend, you can simply let it grow out.

Honey Blonde
There is something really sweet (and it’s not just the name), soft and delicate about this shade. We’ve seen enough of the ice blonde, so give your hair a warmer tone by adding a deeper blonde. If you want to make your hair colour sound fancier (because you’re definitely going to be asked), call this shade the amber slate.

Yes, you guessed it right! It’s blonde and orange, and there is no denying this is a fiery shade to flaunt. A definite head-turner-hue, this is a shade that screams ‘summer’ like no other.

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