"Duqm made with expansion plans in mind"

Business Sunday 28/July/2019 15:40 PM
By: Times News Service

Muscat: The Special Economic Zone in Duqm has been planned for in a way that allows for future expansion plans, according to the director of projects at the Special Economic Zone in Duqm Authority.

Eng. Ahmed al Dughaishi, director of projects, said during a press announcement on Sunday: “About 30 per cent of the total area for the economic zone is planned for projects that will be unveiled till 2040. The rest has been left untouched to allow for further plans in the following years after 2040."

"Even in this 30 per cent area, you'll see that the projects being constructed or even currently operating don't take up the full space. This is in case they want to expand in future phases, or if there are other companies in similar sectors that may come in the future," he added.

Dughaishi said that Duqm can be extremely attractive to investors because of incentives such as full ownerships for projects by foreign investors, as well as facilitated approval processes for projects and Duqm's ideal position from a logistics standpoint.

Duqm Authority is also planning for projects in a way that will protect the environment.

Al Dughaishi added, "Environmental concerns are important, and we have our own department for environmental studies. For example, many projects have been made in such a way so that wind does not blow waste towards the ocean."

An official from SEZAD told Times of Oman that companies are allowed to work easier in Duqm using tha authority's 'single station', where companies can get necessary the procedures and approvals completed all in one spot.

"The maximum time that these processes can take is five days. Most approvals are faster and can be done online almost instantly,” the official added.