Here is how Sur keeps its annual date with its ancient tradition

Energy Saturday 20/April/2019 20:01 PM
By: Times News Service
Here is how Sur keeps its annual date with its ancient tradition

Sur: “Al Shabaniyah” is an inherited annual custom called the Day of “Al Shaibaniyah (Wakfa Right) and coincides with the fourteenth of Sha’ban of every Hijri year in the Wilayat of Sur in the Governorate of South A’Sharqiyah.
The Wilayat of Sur is filled with joy in this beautiful day. The children receive this day every year with great joy and consider it an Eid.
“Al Shabaniyah” is a custom inherited by generations since ancient times. The citizens in the Wilayat of Sur have kept it in its form as a social occasion to visit the relatives, neighbours and patients. The families annually prepare themselves through the purchase of gifts and give them for children as the children consider the occasion a day of joy and pleasure.
On the day of the “Al Shabaniyah”, the families prepare clothes for boys and girls and decorate the hands and feet of girls with henna, in addition to giving cash.
The houses get ready to receive children who pass by the houses of relatives and neighbours since early morning dressed in the most beautiful clothes and joy on their faces.
Mohammed bin Said Al Araimi from the Wilayat of Sur said that “Al Shabaniyah” is traditionally inherited by the people in the Wilayat of Sur since ancient times.
It is eagerly awaited by children who wear beautiful traditional clothing. Every home in the Wilayat takes part in it and pays great attention to it.
The children go out from early morning until sunset. They walk around the houses that are ready to receive them and to give them cash or sweets which are put by children in a pack, specially prepared for that day and called locally (Al Kharitah).
He added to Oman News Agency (ONA): “The interest of the people of the Wilayat of Sur in this beautiful custom has religious, social and economic reasons. The revival of traditional clothing, relative visiting and children knowing the neighbourhoods and roads, counting money and their value, going to the market, in addition to putting the children into an atmosphere of joy and pleasure and many other benefits made the citizens of Sur to keep such custom.”
With the passage of years and the development of societies, the methods of celebrating “Al Shabaniyah” day in the Wilayat of Sur have also developed.
The civil society organisations and entities and companies share the joy of the people of the Wilaya on the fourteenth of Sha’aban in their belief in reviving these traditional legacies that have been deeply rooted in the hearts of the people since ancient times and to make them feel happy and joyous and to put smiles on their faces.
Yusra bint Saleh Al Ghailaniyah, chairperson of the Omani Women’s Association in the Wilayat of Sur said: “It is a good tradition to celebrate the Al Shabaniyah day by the citizens in the wilaya every year. The day is considered a traditional heritage, known to many as Children’s Eid.”
She added, “Omani Women’s Association in the Wilayat of Sur share the citizens in the wilaya their joy in this day in order to preserve the Omani traditions and heritage, where we annually adopt this activity and celebrate it after it almost got unknown to some of us.”