Asyad hosts closing ceremony of 'HISBA' programme

Business Monday 18/February/2019 16:13 PM
By: Times News Service
Asyad hosts closing ceremony of 'HISBA' programme

Muscat: Under the patronage of his excellency Dr Ahmed Mohammed Al Futaisi, the Minister of Transport and Communications and the Chairman of the Board of Asyad Group, Asyad organised a closing ceremony for HISBA, a commercial mindset shift programme, on the February 18, 2019 in Muscat.
HISBA was developed to instill commercial ethos in the culture of Asyad and shift employees’ mindsets towards a more focused innovative drive through designing a structured and a sustainable program, open to all Asyad Group employees.
The 29 teams joining the programme are supported to work on the development of tangible business models that solve customer needs, enhance operational efficiency and plant the seeds of a more competitive group offering.
Omar Mahmood Al Mahrizi, the Group Chief Development Officer, said, “HISBA was launched to disseminate a culture of innovation inspired by both customers’ needs and the eagerness of our employees to participate in the Group’s growth. We believe that finding solutions for our customers is the job of every employee in the group, regardless of the scope of his work or job ranking."
The programme was opened for application across the group, a total of 288 employees applied, while 143 employees passed the evaluation process to be part of the program from 10 operational companies under ASYAD Group.
Participants went through 54 workshops which focused on building their capabilities and aligning their efforts in contributing to transform Asyad into a commercially oriented organisation.
“The outcomes of HISBA were remarkable and offer strong potential for the growth of Asyad. And to ensure sustainability for the innovative ideas, 15 projects were selected for implementation across the group of companies,” Al Mahrezi added.