Beauty salon owner in Oman jailed, fined OMR100

Energy Saturday 02/February/2019 18:33 PM
By: Times News Service
Beauty salon owner in Oman jailed, fined OMR100

Muscat: A beauty salon owner was sentenced to ten days in prison and fined OMR100 for violating consumer protection laws, the Public Authority for Consumer Protection revealed.
The preliminary court in Bahla issued verdicts against two commercial enterprises in Wilayat Bahla for violating the Consumer Protection Act and its executive regulations.
In the first case, the owner of a beauty salon was ordered to spend 10 days in prison and pay OMR100 while the other case involved a labour recruitment office that was fined OMR750.
The details of the first case began when the department of consumer protection in A'Dhakiliyah governorate received a complaint from a consumer who stated that they had an agreement with a beauty salon in Wilayat Bahla to perform a service. After the service was completed it was revealed that it was not done properly, which led to the consumer to file a complaint.
The department then referred the case to the Public Prosecution in Wilayat Bahla, who initiated an investigation and referred it to the preliminary court.
The investigation led to the court issuing a judgement condemning the defendant for violation of the Consumer Protection Law, and sentencing her to 10 days in jail and a fine of OMR100. The suspect was also ordered to pay legal expenses and to drop the civil claim.
The second case involved a consumer who had an agreement with a labour requirement officer to hire a house worker in Bahla. However, the worker's medical tests revealed that she suffered from health problems. The consumer then returned the worker to the office and was sent another worker.
During the guarantee period, the newly replaced worker asked to be sent back to her country. This led the consumer to demand the office to refund him the amount.
After filing a complaint with the department of consumer protection, the case was referred to the prosecution who began an investigation.
As a result, the preliminary court found the accused guilty of a misdemeanour violation of the Consumer Protection Act and imposed a fine OMR100 for the public right. The accused was ordered to pay all the legal expenses of the consumer and to refund OMR650 to the complainant.