US envoy showcases culinary skills at food fest in Oman
November 21, 2015 | 10:19 PM

Muscat: Greta C Holtz, the US ambassador to the Sultanate, is the first to begin the “Ambassador Guest Chef” series, one of the unique initiatives led by Grand Hyatt in association with the Oman American Business Centre.

Ambassador Holtz is known to be an avid cook and demonstrated cooking some American dishes at the Safari Rooftop Grill House of the Grand Hyatt, on Thursday.

She cooked the main dishes of the evening, along with the chefs of the Grand Hyatt, which included an American prime tenderloin steak, strip loin, prime smoked beef ribs lemon thyme, and marinated chicken thighs. She cooked for the guests, who had gathered to experience her cooking talent.

“It is really tasty and I am so happy to experience some of the dishes prepared by the Ambassador,” said one of the guests.

This event also featured Alaskan celebrity Chef LaDonna Gundersen, who specialises in salmon dishes. She prepared one of her signature salmon dishes.

Speaking about the event, Ambassador Holtz said, “We had a great night at the Hyatt’s all American feast, featuring Alaskan guest chef LaDonna. The guests experienced some of the finest food products America had to offer, from Alaskan salmon to New York cheesecake.”

LaDonna also prepared char grilled Alaskan salmon fillet for the guests. She is also known to be an Alaskan fisher woman; cookbook author and lover of salmon. LaDonna shared some experiences from her fishing boat where she and her fisherman-photographer husband Ole Gundersen spend most of their time.

The couple are in Oman as part of the US Embassy’s outreach programme to promote American culinary culture, as well as small and medium enterprise entrepreneurship.

LaDonna and her Ole have spent the last two decades as entrepreneurs. They have launched a business, which combines their passion, with the commercial fishing business.

Their visit is also aimed at promoting American products (ingredients, culinary equipment, and commercial fishing techniques), as well as the fishing and culinary industry, which is full of opportunities for economic diversification.

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