Majlis Al Shura elections: Interior minister declares results
October 25, 2015 | 11:38 PM
by ONA
An Omani woman casting her vote at the polling station Photo - ONA/AFP/Jun Estrada. TIMES OF OMAN

Live Blog: Minister of Interior announces winners of Majlis Al Shura elections

Muscat: Sayyid Hamoud bin Faisal Al Busaidi, Minister of Interior, announced the final results of Majlis Al Shura’s 8th Term Elections on Monday. The results have also been approved by the Higher Committee for the Majlis Al Shura 8th Term Elections. Headed by a deputy-chairman of the Supreme Court to oversee the elections and the examination of all electoral appeals, the process has witnessed great progress in various legal, procedural and technical aspects, including the formation of a higher committee for Majlis Al Shura’s elections that enjoys independence and impartiality.

The Interior Ministry, in cooperation with the authorities concerned, had taken steps for peaceful and smooth conduct of the electoral process. The efforts of supervising committees enabled citizens to exercise their franchise.

On this occasion, the minister said: “I have the honour to express my utmost loyalty and gratitude to His Majesty Sultan Qaboos bin Said for his gracious patronage and wise guidance, which laid a solid foundation for the electoral participation.”

As per the Majlis Al Shura’s Election Law, issued by Royal Decree No. 58/2013, and the memorandum of the Higher Committee of Majlis Al Shura’s 8th Term Elections No. (MK /1100/325/2015), of 12 Muharram 1437 H, corresponding to October 26, 2015, I hereby announce the names of the winners:

Governorate of Muscat:

Wilayat of Muscat: Ali bin Salim bin Ali Al Jabri

Wilayat of Muttrah: Tawfiq bin Adbul Hussein bin Jum’ah Al Lawati and Murad bin Ali bin Yousef Al Hooti

Wilayat of Al Amerat: Mohammed bin Ramadhan bin Qasim Al Balushi and Ahmed bin Saud bin Hamoud Al Ma’shari

Wilayat of Bausher: Mohammed bin Salim bin Khalifah Al Busaidi and Aziz bin Salim bin Hamoud Al Hassni

Wilayat of Seeb: Ne’mah bint Jamiel bin Farhan Al Busaidiyah and Hilal bin Hamad bin Mohammed Al Sarmi

Wilayat of Quriyat: Said bin Jum’ah bin Salim Al Ghizaily and Mahfoudh bin Ali bin Jum’ah Al Juma’h

Governorate of Dhofar

Wilayat of Salalah: Mohammed bin Abu Bakar bin Salim Al Ghassani and Ahmed bin Mubarak bin Said Al Hadhari

Wilayat of Taqah: Ali bin Ahmed bin Salim Al Ma’shani

Wilayat of Mirbat: Mohammed bin Ali bin A’mir Baqi

Wilayat of Rakhyut: Mohammed bin Musalam bin Rabei’ Habees

Wilayat of Thumrait: Saleh bin Said bin Salim Masan

Wilayat of Dhalkut: Abu Bakar bin Alawi bin Sulaiman Ba Omar

Wilayat Al Mazyounah: Salim bin Mohammed bin Saloumah bin Ma’kouf Za’banot

Wilayat of Maqshin Al Nabei bin Al Abed bin Suhail Jidad

Wilayat of Shaleem and Al Halaniyat Islands: Said bin Mohammed bin Said Tho’ar

Wilayat of Sadah: Abdullah bin Ali bin Adbullah Al Amri

Governorate of Musandam

Wilayat of Khasab: Abdullsalam bin Mohammed bin Ahmed Al Kamali

Wilayat of Diba: Ali bin Mohammed bin Said Al Shihi

Wilayat of Bukha: Abdullah bin Ahmed bin Abdullah Al Malik

Wilayat of Madha: Khalid bin Ahmed bin Said Al Sa’adi

Governorate of Al Buraimi

Wilayat of Al Buraimi: Mohammed bin Ali bin Said Al Badi and Rashid bin Ahmed bin Rashid Al Shamsi

Wilayat of Mahadah: Salim bin Ali bin Salim Al Ka’abi

Wilayat of A’Sininah: Hamdan bin Ali bin Rashid Al Manea

Governorate of A’Dhakilyah

Wilayat of Nizwa: Hamdan bin Nassir bin Masoud Al Rumaidhi and Ahmed bin Said bin Sa’ed Al Hadrami

Wilayat of Bahla: Hilal bin Said bin Hamad Al Yahya’ei and Salim bin Hamad bin Said Al Mufarji

Wilayat of Manah: Abdullah bin Salim bin Mohammed Al Junaibi

Wilayat of Al Hamra: Jamal bin Ahmed bin Hamad Al Abri

Wilayat of Adam: Ahmed bin Hamoud bin Hamad Al Derie

Wilayat of Izki: Younis bin Ali bin Azzan Al Mantheri and Nassir bin Humaid bin Barghash Al A’amri

Wilayat of Sumail: Abdullah bin Hamoud bin Salim Al Nadabi and Younis bin Ya’aqoob bin Issa Al Siyabi

Wilayat of Bidbid: Ahmed bin Mohammed bin Yahya Al-Hadabi

Governorate of North Al Batinah

Wilayat of Sohar: Mohhamed bin Ibrahim bin Issa Al Zadjali and Hilal bin Nassir bin Abdullah Al Sadrani

Wilayat of Shinas: Sultan bin Rashid bin Mohammed Al Ka’abi and Yousef bin Ahmed bin Shahin Al Balushi

Wilayat of Liwa: Shimas bin Khalid bin Ahmed Al Risi

Wilayat of Saham: Mohammed bin Khamis bin Abdullah Al Badi and Salim bin Nassir bin Said Al Kahali

Wilayat of Al Khabourah: Fahd bin Sultan bin Saif Al Hosni

and Ali bin Khalfan bin Salman Al Qutaiti

Wilayat of A’Suwaiq: Said bin Hamad bin Hilal Al Sa’adi and Mohammed bin Khalid bin Salim Al Rashidi

Governorate of South Al Batinah

Wilayat of A’Rustaq: Nassir bin Rashid bin Humaid Al Abri and Zayed bin Khalfan bin Ali Al Abri

Wilayat of Al Awabi: Hilal bin Adbulrahaman bin Yousef Al Kharousi

Wilayat of Nakhal: Mohammed bin Suleiman bin Hamoud Al Kindi

Wilayat of Wadi Al Ma’awil: Khalid bin Hilal bin Nassir Al Ma’awali

Wilayat of Barka: Salim bin Sae’d bin Hamdoon Al Malki and Saleem bin Salim bin Khalfan Al Rashidi

Wilayat of Al Musan’ah: Abdullah bin Mohammed bin Jum’ah Al Balushi and Nassir bin Khamis bin Mohammed Al Khumaisi

Governorate of South A’Sharqyah

Wilayat of Sur: Said bin Mohammed bin Said Al Sinani and A’mir bin Said bin Ali Al Misharfi

Wilayat of Al Kamil Wal Wafi: Abdullah bin Musallam bin Hamad Al Rasbi

Wilayat of Ja’alan Bani Bu Hassan: Sulaiman bin A’mir bin Said Al Rajhi and Ali bin Salim bin Hamad Al Owaisi

Wilayat of Ja’alan Bani Bu Ali: Sultan bin Abdullah bin Said Al Ja’fari and Said bin Mohammed bin Jum’ah Al Saa’di

Wilayat of Masirah: Ghanim bin Said bin Khamis Al Junaibi

Governorate of North A’Sharqyah

Wilayat of Ibra: Ahmed bin Saif bin Ahmed Al Barwani

Wilayat of Al Mudhaibi: Hamdoon bin Hamoud bin Ghunaim Al Fazari and Khalid bin Yahya bin Mohammed Al Far’ei

Wilayat of Bidiyah: Mohammed bin Said bin A’mir Al Hajri

Wilayat of Al Qabil: Ahmed bin Said bin Ahmed Al Sa’di

Wilayat of Wadi Bani Khalid: Ahmed bin Hussein bin Khamas Al Sa’adi

Wilayat of Dima’ Wal Taeyeen: Rashid bin Ali bin Hamad Al Hassni

Governorate of A’Dhahiyrah

Wilayat of Ibri: Shaham bin Rashid bin Saif Al Shouhomi and Sultan bin Majid bin Khamis al-Abri

Wilayat of Yanqul: Ali bin Mohammed bin Salmeen Al Alawi

Wilayat of Dhank: Hamoud bin Ahmed bin Hamad Al Yahya’ei

Governorate of Al Wusta

Wilayat of Haima: Hamoodah bin Mohammed bin Khalfan Al Harsosi

Wilayat of Mahout: Said bin Mabrook bin Salim Al Wihibi

Wilayat of A’Duqm: Tahir bin Mabkout bin Ali Al Junaibi

Wilayat of Al Jazir: Mohammed bin Ahmed bin Khanfor Al Junaibi.

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