No radiation threat to people in Oman, Ministry affirms

Energy Thursday 29/November/2018 14:10 PM
By: Times News Service
No radiation threat to people in Oman, Ministry affirms

Muscat: The Ministry of Environment and Climate Affairs has stated that people living in Oman are not exposed to 'high' levels of radiation and that radiation levels in the Sultanate are well below the internationally accepted danger levels.
The ministry made the announcement after a report was circulated on social media stating that radiation levels in some areas of the country were high.
According to officials, the ministry’s specialists found that the radiations are way below the internationally accepted danger levels and that there is no need to worry.
In a statement online, the Ministry said, “The Ministry has followed up on a research study that was being circulated on social media, on the presence of high concentrations of radiation in soil, water and grass in some regions of the Sultanate.”
The Ministry confirmed that it had studied the results of the research. The study showed that the radiation had no adverse effect on the safety of the population and the environment in terms of the level of radiation, and that it was far below the internationally safe level and not a source of concern.
“According to the Ministry, the research was based on the idea of showcasing the higher concentration of radiation in the samples collected. However, it did not mention the minimum concentration as well as the average concentrations of the samples,” the statement added.
The ministry confirmed that it has also sent a specialised team to take samples from these areas and they are being analysed in the ministry’s laboratory for further verification on the subject.
The ministry has called upon everyone to check the accuracy of their publications that are based on any scientific and technical information and to ensure that the recipient receives correct information.