South Korean embassy’s new building in Muscat to be completed soon
October 12, 2015 | 11:18 PM

Muscat: The South Korean embassy will soon be housed in a new building in Muscat.

Speaking at an event held to celebrate the National Foundation Day of the Republic of Korea here on Sunday, South Korea’s ambassador to Oman, Kim Daesik, said, “Our new embassy building is now under construction in the diplomatic quarter, and will be completed around the end of this year. We may be able to hold an opening ceremony in February next year and the building will remain there forever to mark our close and ever-growing relations.”

Stressing on the potential of future cooperation between South Korea and Oman, the ambassador said, “Since 1974, our relations have developed to the great satisfaction of both peoples in every field. Last year, our trade volume reached at $5.8 billion. Many Korean business people have been participating in the process of development of the Omani economy, and more will come in the future.”

Oman has been an important partner for South Korea, the ambassador said.

Pointing out that South Korea is the number one country, which imports LNG from Oman, he said that the annual worth of the import is $4 billion.

“To me, it seems that the LNG imported from Oman has been ploughed into the engine of cooperation and friendship between our peoples, and generated a huge flame of success and mutual benefit,” he stated.

Expressing his appreciation for His Majesty Sultan Qaboos bin Said, the ambassador said, “His excellent guidance has advanced the country’s relations to today’s excellent level.”

The ambassador also wished His Majesty good health and longevity for his continued leadership.

Further commenting on Oman-Korea ties, he said, “Forty-one years ago, when the Muscat airport opened, our diplomatic ties were knotted. As an Oman airplane took off into the sky, our relations also took off with a bang and to an energetic start.

“Now, a new Muscat airport is about to realise its new start. I believe that our relations will also progress full steam for another takeoff and development during the next 40 years.”

Speaking about Korea’s recent history and future, the ambassador said, “We Koreans have striven to maintain our proud national identity, and developed a rich culture and heritage. As is the case with every nation, with a long history, Koreans have gone through the vicissitudes of life.”

He added, “From the 1960s onwards, Koreans have worked hard and desperately for survival and resurrection. We rose to achieve economic success and liberal democracy. In nearly two generations’ time, we have succeeded in obtaining the two objectives that a modern society aspires to achieve. I would like to point out that support and cooperation from many friendly countries has made a great contribution to our success. We are always very much grateful to them.”

He said Koreans are actively participating in the United Nations’ peace-keeping missions around the world, and have established a governmental aid agency to share their experiences with people in developing countries.

“We will continue our best to contribute to preserving peace in this world. We will work with our friends in other countries to make this world a better place for our children,” he said.

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