Resident card for expats’ children from five in Oman
October 7, 2015 | 8:49 PM

Muscat: Expatriate children in Oman, who are aged five or above, can now apply for a resident card, a top police official said.

“It is optional. We started issuing resident cards for expatriate children, aged five years or above, two weeks ago,” a top official from the Royal Oman Police (ROP) told the Times of Oman.

According to the Expatriates Residency Law, it is mandatory for expatriates to get a residency card for their children once they turn 15 years old, but now parents can choose to get one earlier — accessing benefits such as using the E-gate system at the Muscat International Airport.

To get the resident card for the first time, the child must be physically present as a picture has to be taken, the police official said.

“They will also have to follow the normal procedures where the parents have to fill in the application, attach a medical report, a letter from the parent and the passport.

“However, for renewal, the children need not accompany the parent,” the official added.

“Children will also be able to use the card at the electronic gates at the airport,” the police official added.

According to Article 42, any Omani aged above 15 years has to submit an application seeking an identity card. This is mandatory for males and optional for females. Those aged below 15 years may obtain an Identity Card subject to the approval of their guardians. The same Article also states that every foreigner, who is a resident of Oman, shall obtain a residence card.

Bosky Dutia, an Indian expatriate, said allowing resident cards for children was a welcome move.

“Definitely, it will provide safety and security because currently we don’t have IDs for children in case of accidents or in any other emergency. In addition to that, we will not have to stand in long queues at the airport while entering and exiting Oman,” Dutia added.

Meanwhile, another expatriate parent, who has got the new ID card for her 12-year-old child said having a resident card is quite helpful.

“I took a resident card for my daughter. I was under the presumption that cards can be taken only when the child turns 15 years old. However, the officials at the civil status guided me and it was done in minutes,” Asha Rayner, an Indian expatriate, said.

“Resident cards for children are quite helpful. Not only at airports, but also at places, such as hospitals and schools,” Rayner added.

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