Oman's Royal Opera House Muscat readies for a memorable new season
September 29, 2015 | 9:54 PM
by Times News Service

Muscat: Several surprises are in store this year for the Royal Opera House Muscat (ROHM) schedule for the 2015– 2016 season. The season will see varied performances and concerts to be conducted by many Arab and international stars who will present different kinds of elevated Arabic and international music.

The performances will provide the opera fans with the opportunity to listen to international stars in music, opera and Arabic singing. Hani Shaker, Wael Jassar, Hussein Al-Adhami and Asma Al-Menawar will sing selected group of the most famous Arabic songs. Each one of them will present a selected group of their most important songs and classics of Arab singing.

Turandot Symphony

At the beginning of October, the Royal Opera House will present Turandot Symphony by Giacomo Puccini. It is one of the most important works of Puccini who did not manage to complete it during his lifetime. The symphony was first performed in 1926 after another composer completed its last part. The symphony is based on a play carrying the same name that was written by the Italian playwright Carlo Gotsa in 1762.

In an Arabic music evening, the Lebanese singer Wael Jassar will present a selection of his most famous songs for his fans on 11 October. Jassar is famous for his sweet and tender voice that captivated the hearts and his ability to present the songs of the giant old singer in a new special tone.

Omani Women’s Day

In its special way, the Royal Opera House will celebrate the Omani Women’s Day on October 17. It will present a selected group of the most beautiful local and international artistic genres presented to the Omani women in its annual day, in collaboration with the Egyptian singer Hani Shaker, the guest of honour. In the next day, the prince of Arab singing will sing his most famous songs; in addition to a selected group of the authentic classical songs. Under the title of “45 years of loyalty and love melodies”, the Royal Opera House will organise a distinguished party for some famous Omani and Arab singers. The party will continue for two consecutive days of love for the Oman.

The Cuban ballet band performs, on October 29 and 30, the famous international classical ballet show “Don Quixote”. On November 4, the Royal Opera House presents for its fans a technical performance on the theatre that introduces them to the technical, sound and theatrical backgrounds of the Royal Opera House Theater.

Over three days, the Omani military teams will present a free distinguished performance for the public at the Medan Square. Following this, the Royal Opera House will present the Gypsy’s Princess Symphony for Emric Kalman. On November 29 and 30, Parma Opera and Ballet Theatre presents present the (Tears Fountain) Symphony derived from a poem carrying the same name for the Russian poet Alexander Pushkin who wrote in 1823.

It is one the most ancient symphonies presented on the ballet theatres in Russia.

Educational role

The Royal Opera House complements its educational role in the Omani community by holding a seminar about the Oud on December 2.

The seminar will be followed by the Oud International Festival during which two big parties will be held. Famous Arab artists will participate in this festival to embody the spirit of the Oud at the Royal Opera House.

On December 13, 14 and 15, the Royal Opera House will take its fans in an enjoyable journey across Madrid including Zaswilla performances of Canal Theater. Sondra Radfanovski sings her famous melodies on Friday, December 18 in a musical ceremony. Artist Maher Zein will sing in two parties to be held on December 20 and 21 at Medan Square at the Royal Opera House.

The Social Club Orchestra at Buena Fista will present a performance on December 27 for Havana musicians who won Grammy prize and succeeded in disseminating Cuba’s traditional voice in the world.

December will be concluded with a musical concert with Belgrade Philharmonic Orchestra with the tenor Michael Shadi, the soprano Fatimah Said and the violinist Anna Tefu leaded by the Musician David Levy.

The First Royal Music and Folklore Band will present on 5 January an outdoor performance at the Medan square. It will include the most beautiful folkloric songs, music and dances.

Anoushka Shankar

On Thursday, January 7, Anoushka Shankar plays the most tender melodies of the Indian Raja music. On January 14-16, Lucia di Lammermoor Opera of Gatiano Donizini will be presented. On January 19, international Baritone Dmitri Hvorostovsky presents a musical concert that includes some Italian and Russian works of famous composers. Pianist Elen Gremo from the Room Orchestra in Basel, presents on January 21 some piano Concerto pieces of Bach and Mozart.

Under the title of “Africa’s Golden Voice”, the musician Salif Keita will present a distinguished concert during which he will preview his art course with the African Jazz Music.

On February 2, the Royal Opera House will commemorate the anniversary of Om Kolthoum, the Arab Singing Deva in the Kolthoumiat concert to be presented by the Syrian artist Shahd Bermda and the Moroccan artist Asma Al-Menawar.

Iraq has a space in the Opera’s nights. An evening will be organised on February 6 to commemorate the authentic Iraqi songs with artist Hussein Al-Adhami and Baidar Al-Bassri.

The Royal Opera House presents on February 17, 19 and 20 the famous comedian opera Elixir of Love, composed by the international composer Donizini. It recounts the story of a farmer in his pursuit for love. Ornita Dancing Theater presents on January 25 and 26 the lyric dancing performance “Silk Road” that tells the tale of an Arab rover who is acquainted with the different cultures, arts and countries through the Silk Road.

Silent cinema age

The Royal Opera House presents various performances. It shows on Thursday, March 3 the General Movie of Buster Keaton with a live play on the organ.

It is a journey to the silent cinema age that combines the General movie of the comedian actor and director Buster Keaton accompanied by a live play.

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