BP Oman strengthens partnership with Injaz
September 28, 2015 | 11:53 AM
by Times News Service
Under the terms of the new agreement, Injaz Oman is to implement BP Oman’s educational projects, which are part of BP Oman’s Social Investment Programme — an initiative aimed at contributing to Oman's In-Country Value through educational and entrepreneurial initiatives. - Supplied picture

Muscat: Following the successful implementation of a project that assisted in the entrepreneurship skills training of 3,000 students last year, BP Oman and Injaz Oman have reinforced its collaborative efforts towards developing the capabilities of aspiring students in Oman by forging a new agreement on several educational programmes.

Under the terms of the new agreement, Injaz Oman is to implement BP Oman’s educational projects, which are part of BP Oman’s Social Investment Programme — an initiative aimed at contributing to Oman's In-Country Value through educational and entrepreneurial initiatives, said a company release.

The agreement was signed by Yousuf Al Ojaili, BP Oman President on behalf of BP, and Shabib bin Mohammed Al Maamari, executive director of Injaz Oman.

"Our commitment towards the achievement of the goals we have set under the educational projects of our Social Investment Programme is unwavering,” said Al Ojaili.

“Believing in the importance of early education and awareness, we aspire through our various initiatives at BP, especially on education, to contribute towards the development and qualification of the Omani youth.”

The programmes covered by the agreement are the ‘Baisa Programme’ that will be delivered by Youth Vision, the ‘ECO College Chapters Programme’ by Environment Society of Oman (ESO), the ‘Sharakati Programme’ by Injaz Oman, BP Young Adventurers by North Star, and the ‘Building Capacity Programme’ by Sas VR.

The Baisa Programme includes 18 workshop sessions on ‘Planning and Financial Management for the Youth’ around Oman targeting 720 participants (40 participants per workshop). In addition, the programme will have the 100 Youth Club, wherein 100 young male and female participants are to be selected and trained to become guides to their peers and forerunners on the subject within their personal and professional lives.

The ECO College Chapters project specifically targets university and college students in Oman. It aims to raise awareness among the youth and encourage them to take the initiative to develop their own environmental activities that positively impact the environment. The ECO College Chapters Programme of ESO also aims to encourage the establishment of new ECO clubs and to work together with existing ECO clubs in universities and colleges in six different regions of the Sultanate. These clubs would then support each other throughout the year and provide a venue and platform for exchanges of ideas and information on environmental issues and activities.

Under the Sharikati Programme, BP will sponsor a number of universities and colleges from the Al Dakhiliyah and Al Dhahirah governorates that will participate in the Sharikati competition. The competition aims to promote the culture of innovation and entrepreneurship among students. The objective of the programme is to motivate students to start their own business, with capital input and proper administrative, financial and functional structures. It will be held in the presence of judges from the private sector and the winning teams will then compete in the Injaz al Arab regional competition.

The BP Young Adventurers programme involves taking young Omanis to camp at Fujairah in the UAE for an educational weekend adventure. At the camp, the young adventurers will go through training and team building activities that aim to enhance leadership development skills. This will be implemented through a variety of physical challenges such as climbing, raft building, kayaking and several other team building games. Each adventure training camp is facilitated by a team of older mentors which are named as ‘the BP Guardians’ who are previous graduates of the programme.

The Building Capacity Programme by Sas VR involves the development of 3D learning objectives for the Ministry of Education’s (MoE) K-12 curriculum, the Ministry of Higher Education (MoHE) Applied Sciences Colleges, and the Ministry of Manpower (MoMP) for Vocational Institutions. Such objectives are to be achieved by building the capacity of teachers, lecturers and trainers in providing instructional design competences in the development of 3D learning objects and e-learning contents. They will then be grouped together to develop about ten 3D learning objects within the pilot phase, which will take approximately three months.

Shabib bin Mohammed al Maamari welcomed the new agreement with BP Oman as he cited its enormous contribution towards the educational development of young and aspiring students in the Sultanate.

“Injaz Oman remains steadfast in promoting youth education and training towards workforce readiness, financial literacy and entrepreneurship,” said Shabib Al Maamri of Injaz Oman. “Clearly, the trust and confidence of BP Oman on our capabilities enables us to achieve our desired growth and objectives.

“We, therefore, thank BP Oman for their continued support and partnership as we look forward to another fruitful and productive year of collaboration with them,” he added.

On renewing the collaboration with Injaz, Yousuf Al Ojaili commented: “BP Oman ran a call of proposals earlier this year. Based on a transparent assessment of organisations’ capabilities, along with BP’s dedication to long standing relationships and expertise in the field, Injaz Oman successfully implemented our agreement and enabled us to exceed the first year targets of our social investment programme.”

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