More than 200 families hit by water crisis in Muscat
September 19, 2015 | 10:01 PM

Muscat: Some 200 families have been affected during the last seven days in the Darsait Towian area due to the low pressure in water supply pipelines, which has led to severe water shortage, residents said.

“We have contacted the Public Authority for Water and Electricity (PAEW) many times. The answer we get is that low pressure is leading to the water supply crisis. However, they are not able to tell us when this crisis will end. For the last seven days, water has become a big problem for us,” said the residents.

Presently, they are depending on water supplied by the nearby Masjids.

“A few water supply tankers are coming. But most of the buildings don’t have facilities to pump in water from the tankers. So that is also a problem,” residents said, while adding that many houses had children and aged people.

In August, an official from PAEW had said that the water crisis in Muscat will become less severe as the authorities are continuing their trial run of the new Ghubra desalination plant.

“We are testing the quality of water during the trial run to provide residents with pure and clean water. The quantity that passes the test is sent into the distribution network, along with the old plant’s water,” the PAEW official had said at the time.

The tanks at the old Ghubra desalination plants are being gradually emptied, even as the plant continues to supply water to several areas in Muscat, and the new desalination plant is also contributing during the test phase. The test phase will continue till September until the old desalination plant is completely drained.

The commercial operation of the Ghubra plant, which includes the expansion of the new Barka desalination plant, is scheduled to be online by the beginning of 2016.

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