Gallery Sarah in Oman hosts Iraqi artist Estabrak Al Ansari’s exhibition
September 16, 2015 | 10:22 PM
by Times News Service
The multi-disciplinary exhibition explores the relationship between the body and oneself, raising questions that are relevant to our existence.

Muscat: A solo exhibition by artist Estabrak Al Ansari, who uses recitals, photography, painting, performance and film in her artworks, opened at the Gallery Sarah on Monday.

The show titled, 'Consciousness' will run till October 10, from 9.30am till 6pm on every Saturday to Thursday.

The multi-disciplinary exhibition explores the relationship between the body and oneself, raising questions that are relevant to our existence. The art’s subject matters vary between identity, memory, culture, equality, gender, tradition, environment and understanding.

Al Ansari’s works are fuelled by concepts of existence in places where we cannot exist for long periods of time. They play with ideas of reality and fiction and the use of water-based elements, both as media and as a physical representation of cultural discourse. Whether through photography, painting, performance or film; the diversity of highlighting meaning through the use of water lends itself well to such a multi-disciplinary show.

In Al Ansari’s current line of performance-based work, mythology remains an underlying current. There, she has found many stories; verbal recitals of undocumented history. The blurring between reality and mythology comes into play through her unique live projection-painting (LPP).

Performance art is a concept she has been exploring for a number of years now. LPP is a method that involves an immersive experience through film, live painting and live performance for site specific spaces. “It's all about reach; that journey between us and the unknown and the layering of dimensions between the two.”

Within the performances; reality, space and time are questioned via the physical layering of images, which often cause the viewer to rethink their own understanding. It is a film that is revealed through touch, viewed through sight and received through layers of sounds and emotions. Stories fuelled with origins of loss and memory; erupt into a non-verbal dialogue between artist and audience.

Al Ansari is of Iraqi descent, and was raised in London. The visual artist and filmmaker is currently creating her latest collection of work called, 'Consciousness in Muscat, Oman.' With an arts degree from Central Saint Martin’s and a Masters in Film and Media Production, Al Ansari is by nature, a story teller. Her earlier works have found themselves showcased in various international spaces such as, New York, Dubai, Berlin and at the TATE Britain, London.

Located in the historical part of old Muscat and part of the Bait Al Zubair Museum complex, Gallery Sarah is a unique contemporary art gallery, which opened its doors in 2013. The gallery exhibits artworks, including, but not limited to paintings, graphics, calligraphy, installations, sculpture and photography. Apart from trying to create a strong connection between established and emerging Omani artists and the international art world, Gallery Sarah also supports and has an appreciation for work created by a wide variety of talented Arab artists from around the Gulf and many international artists.

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