Drive to quench thirst of construction workers in Oman
September 9, 2015 | 10:02 PM
by Tariq Al Haremi

Muscat: Bottled water, juices, nuts and biscuits will be distributed to construction workers by the staff and volunteers of the Abu Timam Grant Thornton (GT) who are set to swarm the streets of Muscat.

Oman’s scorching heat is a burden to workers who do their job out in the open, and they sometimes go unappreciated.

As a special gesture and Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) Abu Timam Grant Thornton (GT) will organise a day-long event to help bring relief to a few thousand workers.

Speaking to the Times of Oman, Azhar Ahmed, CSR Committee chairman and manager audit and assurance GT, said, “The main aim of doing this is to help workers combat the scorching heat of Oman that we are all quite familiar with.”

“September 17 has been marked as ‘Global GT CSR Day’ where all GT staff across the globe take the initiative to actively participate in CSR activities,” he said.

As per the ministerial decision issued by the Ministry of Manpower, workers are exempt from working in open areas between 12:30pm and 3:30pm from June to August due to the unforgiving summer heat. However, since the temperature is still high, the initiative is timely.

CSR initiative

Approximately 50 participants will join the GT CSR initiative by providing refreshments in the form of water, juices, nuts and biscuits to construction workers.

The areas to be covered will include Amerat, Wattayah, Baushar, Ghala, and PDO apart from Qurum, the Muscat International Airport’s parking area and Seeb.

This is the first time GT will carry out this initiative and when asked about shadowing the very well-known I-Care initiative, Ahmed said, “First of all, we would like to congratulate I-Care on commencing such a project and doing such a splendid job. They have indeed shown a terrific example of compassion for humanity.”

“Hence, we feel nothing but pride when people say we shadow I-Care’s initiative. The difference is that GT CSR committee strives to provide other refreshments than just water,” he added.

Ahmed said,“GT hopes to be a source of inspiration to other firms and individuals so that they take up such activities for the betterment of the community and environment.”

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