Royal Oman Police find missing boy's body, traders count losses
September 5, 2015 | 8:08 PM
Police rescue teams were continuing their search with the help of sniffer dogs on Saturday for the boy who was washed away with his mother, brother and housemaid in Rustaq. Photo-PACDA

Muscat: Police rescue teams found the body of the boy on Saturday night who was swept away in flash flood with his mother, brother and housemaid in Rustaq on Friday.

At around 7pm, the police tweeted on its official website that the body of the second boy was also found with the help of people.

According to sources close to the family, the Omani woman, her two sons and their housemaid and others were waiting inside their car for her husband who had gone for prayer to a nearby Mosque.

In the meantime, the car and the passengers were swept away by strong wind and flash floods.

Late on Friday evening, the police rescue team were able to find the bodies of Omani mother, one boy and their housemaid.

The body of the boy has not been found until the filing of report.

In its latest tweet at around 4pm on Saturday, Public Authority for Civil Defence and Ambulances said that the body of a person was found in Suwaiq.

However, a senior police official said that it cannot be termed as a rain-related death.

Video: People risking their lives in Muttrah area in Oman

A youngster who was swept away in the rainwater at the Muttrah Souq, has not yet been traced.

In a widely circulated video, the youngster can be seen asking for help as he being swept away in swirling waters.

“The person is still missing, but the police is continuing its search,” said Hussain Juma Al Bulushi, representative of the merchants in Muttrah Souq, the Sultanate’s traditional Arab market.

Meanwhile, the merchants of Muttrah Souq were still counting their losses after the flash floods on Friday.

“The rain lasted only for a few minutes. But the flash floods triggered by the rain did not give us time to save our goods. Rough estimates show that the merchants could have suffered a loss of thousands of rials,” Al Bulushi told the Times of Oman.

“Madinat Al Alibaba, the antique shop, which was a favourite of visiting diplomats and celebrities like Pop King Michael Jackson and others, has suffered a loss of OMR100,000. The rain water rose to more than two metres inside the souq. Nobody could save anything,” added Hussain.

According to Hussain, the loss is unimaginable, as at least 200 shops were affected.

“We are wondering why this is happening again and again over here. The engineers who have constructed the drainage system have to be blamed. We have complained about it several times, but nothing has changed,” said Hussain.

As the rain waters receded, the municipality workers were seen cleaning up the debris in and around Muscat.

Photos: Oman traders count losses after rains and flash floods


According to the Oman meteorological department, rainfall recorded in Amerat was 59.8 millimetres (mm), at Sultan Qaboos Port it was 25mm, at Rustaq it was 17.4mm, and Bid Bid it was 16, in addition to Muscat where it was 8.4mm.

In its forecast for Sunday, meteorological department has predicted isolated rain in and around areas surrounding Al Hajar Mountains.

The meteorological department has also predicted dusty winds in open areas.

Anthony Sagliani, tropical meteorologist at, said that the rain was due to a thunderstorm complex that developed over the mountains.

“It is not directly attributable to El Nino. But winter looks to have above normal temperatures and near normal rain,” added Anthony.

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