Ghawi Bazaar: The Omani Assa
August 15, 2015 | 11:16 AM
by T.A. Ameerudheen

The Assa had many practical purposes many years ago as people used it to control camels, herds of sheep, and protect themselves from venomous insects and snakes.

They used it like an extension of their hands; gesturing with it and tapping it on the ground to make a point during conversations.

With the urbanisation of the Omani societies, the Assa has become more of a decorative appendage, but remains an integral part of Omani life.


The walking stick, locally known as Assa or Khaizaran, is an integral part of Omani culture.

Men carry the long stick with the curved handle when they attend marriage functions, cultural gatherings and traditional celebrations.

Considered a symbol of Omani identity and pride, the Assa is as important a part of the national attire as Omani Dishdasha, Khanjar, and Mussar.

Though Assa come in different colours, those with silver handles and decorated with precious stones are especially popular in Muscat. Bamboo is commonly used to manufacture the Assa.

The wood is treated with specific kinds of oil and engraved using copper, silver, and special stones. The handle is then fitted with silver, copper or aluminium metals.


The Assa is available in all souqs across the Sultanate. Al Joory Trading (+968 9521 4042) in Qurum sells top quality products sourced from the best manufacturers in the Sultanate.


The price of the stick varies depending on the quality of the wood and the delicacy of the handles. They start from just one rial with the best quality products selling for more than OMR200.

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