Reiki: Natural healing technique
August 3, 2015 | 5:54 PM
by Jane Jaffer Bickmore
Reiki allows the flow of positive energy. Photo - Shutterstock

Reiki is a naturaland holistic healing technique which originated in Tibet in ancient times and was rediscovered around the middle of the 19th century by a Japanese doctor called Mikao Usui.

Reiki means Universal Life Force Energy and is a form of therapy which transmits this cosmic all-pervading energy. Reiki involves the laying on of hands and is a very simple, yet powerful technique.

If our life force is low, we are prone to illness. When the life force is flowing freely, we are less likely to be ill. Our life force is affected by ourthoughts and feelings.

Reiki heals as it flows through the energy pathways of the body, gently removing blockages to the energy flow. Reiki raises the vibration of the energy field around the physical body.

Reiki allows the body to relax, to rest and heal. Reiki promotes an emotional and a physical detox. Surrounded by this loving, healing energy, the recipient feels secure and able to let go of tension, anxiety and negative thoughts. It can be a powerful emotional release. A treatment can leave you feeling blissfully peaceful.

However, some clients experience a ‘healing crisis,’ as experiences and negative emotions from the past begin to surface. A course of treatment is therefore recommended.

I believe that every cell in the body has a memory. Negative emotions may be stored in certain areas of the body. For example, anxiety can often be found around the neck and shoulders, deep emotion is stored in the throat, fear harbours in the kidneys, sadness in the lungs, and lack of self-worth and insecurity is most prevalent around the solar plexus. If these emotions are not dealt with, physical illness can develop. It becomes a physical manifestation of an emotional state. Reiki can help eradicate these negative emotions by helping to release them.

Reiki is beneficial no matter what the client’s health status may be. The treatment can be used in conjunction with any medical treatment plan. Many health services around the world are recognising the benefits of complementary healing methods such as Reiki healing.

The typical Reiki healing session lasts one hour. It is also possible to learn this method of self-healing by undergoing a Reiki course to learn more about this ancient method of healing and to be attuned to the energy frequency. You need never feel hopeless or helpless again once you have the abilityto aid your own healing in this way.

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