Two missing at sea: Search on for Emiratis in Oman
July 25, 2015 | 9:29 PM
by Times News Service

Muscat: Search operations will continue to trace the two Emiratis who went missing in the sea off Al Dimr in the wilayat of Mirbat in Dhofar governorate, said a Public Authority for Civil Defence and Ambulance (PACDA) official.

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Seven friends, including two Omanis, had gone for swimming when six of them got trapped in strong currents.

“One of them was standing at the shore. Four among the six, who entered the sea, managed to swim to safety but two are still missing,” said the PACDA official.

In their Twitter account, PACDA said that search was carried out along the rocks of the Mirbat shore but without success.

On Friday, Public Authority for Civil Defence and Ambulance had requested a helicopter from the Oman’s Royal Air Force to help in the search and rescue operations. In a tweet, PACDA clarified that there was a signboard at the spot warning people against venturing out into the sea.

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