Omani group scales Africa’s highest peak to raise funds for cancer

Energy Sunday 01/July/2018 21:15 PM
By: Times News Service
Omani group scales Africa’s highest peak to raise funds for cancer

Muscat: A group of 20 people from Oman went on an expedition to Mount Kilimanjaro to raise funds for cancer awareness, the Oman Cancer Association (OCA) announced at a press conference on Sunday.
“This is the biggest group from Oman that has been a part of the initiative to not only raise awareness about the deadly disease, but also to collect some funds,” said Nasser Al Azri, who has been volunteering with the OCA for the last three years.
“When I went to climb Mt. Kilimanjaro in 2016, I decided that I have to gather people who support the same cause as I do, and do something for our community,” Al Azri said.
He added that the group consisted of mixed nationalities, which proved that “everyone living in the Sultanate is part of one family working together to fight for a cause that has, in one way or another, touched our lives”.
Juzer Nawab, a cancer survivor and a part of the expedition group, shared his experience with the Times of Oman.
“The purpose of this initiative was very close to my heart because the main objective was to promote a healthy lifestyle,” Nawab said. “I immediately related to the idea as I was diagnosed with cancer some eight years ago.”
“What I realised during this journey was that apart from medication, what is more important is to have a positive frame of mind and to follow a healthy lifestyle consisting of a proper healthy diet, regular exercise, and proper breathing,” he said.
Nawab added that he saw the idea of joining the group as a good chance for him to propagate the message himself.
“Having personally gone through it, I felt that my message would be more readily accepted by the cancer community as they face similar challenges,” Nawab said.
The OCA-supported expedition also aims to emphasise that the lack of physical activities is recognised as one of the four main risk factors of cancer.
“Physical activity is an important component in preventing cancer, as well as in controlling it,” said Dr. Wahid Al Kharusi, President of OCA.
“The association’s strategy is to create awareness and encourage the community to engage in a healthy lifestyle and in physical activity.”