EU blasts U.S. tariffs on Spanish olives as unacceptable

Opinion Wednesday 13/June/2018 16:29 PM
By: Times News Service

BRUSSELS, June 13 (Reuters) - The European Commission labelled as "unacceptable" on Wednesday the United States' decision to impose import duties on Spanish olives after an investigation found they were being sold below their fair value and were propped up by subsidies. "The decision by the United States Department of Commerce to impose unreasonably high and prohibitive duties anti-subsidy and anti-dumping duties on Spanish olives is simply unacceptable," a Commission spokesman said. "This is a protectionist measure targeting a high-quality and successful EU product popular with U.S. consumers." These final duties are not yet confirmed, but would have to be confirmed by the U.S. International Trade Commission in July and the European Commission would consider possible further action after that decision is taken. (Reporting by Philip Blenkinsop; editing by Robert-Jan Bartunek)