Oman tourism: Dhofar ready to receive visitors for Khareef
June 15, 2015 | 8:57 PM
by Times News Service

Dhofar: Dhofar is all set to welcome the Khareef season, said Sheikh Salem Al Shanfari, chairman of Dhofar Municipality, at a press conference held in Salalah

At a media event held to announce Dhofar's readiness for Khareef, Al Shanfari said that he is currently reviewing designs and final plans for the Sultan Qaboos Street, as it is one of the main streets in Salalah.

He also added that the municipality has completed the preparation of the plans and designs for a number of projects to be developed during the next phase including the development of Al Nahdha tower, Al Nahdha Roundabout and the conversion of Aoukd and Itien Roundabouts into bridges with all the necessary entrances and exits.

Al Shanfari said that the total funds approved during the previous four years for special municipal projects of roads and bridges in the Dhofar governorate, in addition to the projects that will be implemented soon, is estimated at about OMR200 million.

The chairman said that new public parks are being planned throughout Dhofar in the next few years, and added that ornamental trees are being planted throughout Salalah.

He spoke about the new building being built for the Dhofar municipality at a cost of over OMR13 million.

Meanwhile, the Ministry of Transport and Communications is also making vigorous efforts to develop and maintain the main and sub roads in all wilayats of the governorate.

The Ministry of Health is also making considerable efforts to meet the health needs of citizens, residents and visitors in the different wilayats. It established a health corner at the Municipality Recreation Centre to provide health services to visitors at the Salalah Tourism Festival.

World-class hotels, villas, furnished apartments and accommodation areas are also ready to receive the growing number of tourists visiting the governorate during the tourist season.

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