HM’s Cup for Camel Race

Energy Sunday 18/March/2018 23:02 PM
By: Times News Service
HM’s Cup for Camel Race

Barka: The activities of the final race for His Majesty the Sultan’s Cup for Local Camel Race for 2018 will kick off, on Monday.
The race is being organised by the Royal Camel Corps of the Royal Courts Affairs at the Royal Cavalry Track at Al Felaij, Wilayat of Barka.
The race will continue until March 22. The first day’s camel race comprises 15 rounds for 4 kilometres. The second day’s race will be for 5 kilometres and comprises 10 rounds. The third day’s race will be for 6 kilometres and comprises 4 rounds.
The fourth day’s race comprises six rounds.
The race would see four types of prizes including 22 cars for winners.