Throw a great party in your outdoor kitchen
December 3, 2018 | 11:35 AM
by Courtesy of Articlefactory

Cooking in an outdoor kitchen can be great for parties thrown in your own backyard. No longer are barbecues the only option when preparing a meal outdoors. Today's patios are equipped with plenty of items to cook, eat and throw a fantastic party. Some of these kitchens are fancy and have all the gadgets and amenities one could dream of. Others are more moderate and appropriate for the budget minded individuals. Some typical items that are included may be cook tops with three or four burners, grills, smokers, ovens, sinks and storage space. Storage space is a must so that utensils and cutlery are readily available in order to cut down on the running back and forth wondering where the knives and spatulas are. So what type of party can you throw in your backyard once you have a fully functioning kitchen? Here are some ideas:

Pool party in the summer: If your backyard paradise also has a swimming pool and spa, even better. Parties can happen easily with this built-in entertainment venue ready and waiting. When the weather's hot, no one wants to be sweating over the stove inside while everyone's outside swimming and having fun. When the appliances are outside, AC utility bills to cool the house are kept down to a minimum and the cook gets to be part of the festivities outside.

Slumber party for the kids: When your kids invite all their friends over for a sleepover, having them bed down in pitched tents in your backyard will be so much better than camping in a faraway location. Having the experience of sleeping under the stars is one that all kiddos should have. Not having to schlep the gang to a campsite will make it that much more convenient. Preparing hot dogs for dinner and scrambled eggs and pancakes for breakfast will be easy when you have your outdoor food preparation area.

Pizza time: Many outdoor cooking facilities have a stone or brick pizza oven that is perfect for baking pizzas that taste better than your local restaurant. No heating up the house either. With a dining table on your patio, the entire pizza experience can happen right outside in your own backyard.

Wedding receptions: Many brides and grooms dream of getting married in their family members' lush backyards. Rental equipment such as gazebos or arches as well as chairs and tables for everyone can turn the grassy expanse into a memorable wedding venue. The caterers will be thrilled to throw together the spread for the guests on your cook top, countertops, and grills. Parents who throw their daughter's wedding reception in the backyard may save so much money that the outdoor cooking space will pay for itself.

An outdoor kitchen can be a wonderful addition to a home's livability and party-ability, too. Once a patio is set up with a cook top, oven, grill, sink and adequate storage space, the homeowner will be all ready to throw a pool party, sleepover camp-out, pizza grill fest and wedding reception.

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