Omantel bags MENA Excellence Award in Employee Engagement
May 26, 2015 | 12:00 AM
Seif Sultan Al Abri, senior manager, Employee Engagement at Omantel HR Unit. Photo - Supplied

Muscat: Omantel has achieved another impressive milestone by winning the MENA Excellence Award in Employee Engagement which was presented at a special gala in Dubai on May 21.

The award is organised by Naseba for companies that meet stringent criteria's within the areas of human resources.

The criteria including the endeavours made by the company to develop its human resources, staff engagement, efforts to develop the skills and expertise of the employees as well as the innovative initiatives to enhance the human resources function on the whole.

Winning this award is a result of Omantel human resources strategy in the Employee Engagement aimed at enriching the work environment to enhance employee engagement with an aim to achieving seeking.

Seif Sultan Al Abri, senior manager, Employee Engagement at Omantel HR Unit expressed his joy and pride on achieving the award, and said "We at Omantel are delighted on winning this award. We are proud to be selected as one of the best companies in the area of human resources. This award comes as recognition of the several initiatives and future plans of the company to enhance and enrich employee engagement."

"Over the past years, Omantel has adopted a new strategy towards the augmentation of employee engagement which focuses on enhancing communication and improved interaction among its staff. It also provides an environment that encourages teamwork to achieve the shared goals and objectives", he added.

Employee engagement is one of the critical game changers of our overall organisational strategy.
Al Abri affirmed that winning this award raises the bar of expectations from the company. This shall require us to continuously strive to enhance positive work culture and provide ideal platforms to staff for enhancing their skills and capabilities.

Over the past years, Omantel has successfully implemented a number of initiatives that aim at boosting communication, interaction and team spirit among employees such as Omantel Talents which aimed to identify and nurture talent among Omantel employees and their families.

Omantel Olympics is another of such initiative which is first of its kind in the Sultanate by a private organization, aimed at developing sport activates among Omantel employees.

Omantel also promoted a programme focusing on long-serving staff and employees who have exceptional skills based in the different part of the Sultanate. The Program encourages staff to identify ways that can develop their mental and physical skills.

Employee Engagement at Omantel, led by the HR unit, encourages staff to take part at the different national, sports and religious occasions. To this end, the company organizes a number of events within the company premises.

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