Students caught smuggling drugs into UAE from Oman, Dubai court told
May 24, 2015 | 12:00 AM

Muscat: Two expatriate students have appeared in court charged with smuggling cannabis plant seeds and marijuana across the border from Oman, The National reported.

Prosecutors at the Dubai Criminal Court said American IA, 18, and German AR, 21, brought the drugs into the UAE via Hatta.

Records showed on March 16 this year that police officers searched the students' car after the two men showed signs of fear and confusion while crossing the border.

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"We found six cannabis seeds marijuana hidden in the car's air conditioning tube," said police officer MJ, who searched the car.

As well as 5 grams of marijuana?, officers also found two capsules of prescription drugs in the car's coin holder.

AR told prosecutors two of the seeds and the capsules belonged to him, but denied having any knowledge of the rest of the drugs, while IA denied any involvement with or knowledge of the drugs.

"Urine samples taken from both men showed traces of drugs. In court on Thursday, AR denied charges of importation and consumption of drugs, while IA admitted to consumption of drugs, but denied a charge of importation," according to The National report.

The case was adjourned until a later date.

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