Spanish pianist makes his mark at ABA
April 25, 2015 | 12:00 AM
Spanish pianist Pablo Galdo

Muscat: A thunderous applause filled the auditorium at American British Academy (ABA) on Monday evening as Spanish pianist Pablo Galdo hit the last notes of Isaac Albéniz's Suite Española.

The renowned pianist stood up from the piano with a smile full of both triumph and relief upon completing the final of the 10 parts that make up the famous Spanish compositions. Galdo, whose concert was hosted by the Embassy of Spain, was right to be proud of his passionate and powerful performance.

Suite Española, written in 1886 and 1887, consists of 10 piano pieces, most of which reflect the different regions of Spain such as Granada, Seville, Majorca and even Cuba, which was still part of Spain at that time. Played in order, they begin with a gentle, soft approach and grow in rhythm, expression, and difficult.

When Galdo began playing, his talent was immediately clear. He plays with a sensitivity and emotion that reflects his personal connection to the music of his homeland. As he played, the audience was more and more impressed, since his devotion to the music seemed to become stronger the more complicated the noted become.

Galdo seemed to put his whole being into the music, hunched over the keyboard of the grand piano, the muscles in his face clenched in determination and concentration.

Though his aim was to portray the beauty and power of the music, which is colourful and patriotic, he succeeded not just in impressing the audience with the music but with his exceptional mastery of the instrument.

Galdo finished the concert with an encore by Hungarian composer Franz Liszt, a romantic, beautiful piece that also won him warm applause.

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