New M-98 grade fuel price revealed

Energy Wednesday 17/January/2018 11:24 AM
By: Times News Service
New M-98 grade fuel price revealed

Muscat: Oman Oil launched its new M-98 grade fuel on Wednesday.
The M-98 grade fuel is priced at 266bz per liter, authorities announced.
Car owners in Oman can fill up their tanks with this premium grade fuel at Oman Oil fuel stations.
M-98 is a higher grade fuel that is mainly used in performance cars.
M91 is currently priced at 199 baisas per litre, while M95 is priced at 213 baisas per litre.
Before reviewing the fuel prices in January 2016, the price of diesel was at 146 baisa a litre, while M95 cost 120 baisa.