Child Law a milestone in Oman history
November 29, 2014 | 12:00 AM
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Muscat: The adoption of the Child Law in 2014 marked a great achievement for Oman and further guaranteed the protection of children, according to Unicef's representative.

"The law covers a wide range of issues, ranging from child survival, health and education to protection and participation rights, and we look forward to working with the government in implementing the law," Osama Makkawi Khogali said.

He said that child abuse and child labour will be curbed with the implementation of the first Child Law which ordains that a child cannot be employed without pay or be forced to work.

"The government ensures that the safety and moral well-being of the child is protected. For family businesses, children's work cannot interfere with their health
or education."

Protection committees
The official also explained that under the Child Law, "child protection committees" shall be formed to monitor any abuses, violations of rights, or violence against children.

Under this law, every person has the right to contact the committees, under guarantee of anonymity, for cases of abuse or violations of rights of children, he added.

Makkawi said that the Child Law would also give a boost to the rights of children with disabilities and research on child-related matters and would encourage efforts to protect children from dangers posed by traffic.

He also noted that the ministries of education, health, and social development, in addition to the National Centre for Statistics and Information, will collaborate amongst themselves and each other to monitor and ensure adherence to the laws on children.

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