Korea celebrates ties with Oman
October 29, 2014 | 12:00 AM
South Korean ambassador, Kim Daesik, hosted the 40th anniversary of diplomatic relations with Oman

Muscat: On South Korea's National Foundation Day, the embassy in Muscat celebrated the 40th anniversary of its diplomatic relations with Oman.

The celebrations took place aboard the Korean Naval Vessel Dae Jo Yeong, which was docked at Port Sultan Qaboos. For the South Korean ambassador, Kim Daesik, hosting the event on a ship was a childhood dream come true. He told the guests that he was from a poor background, but as a child thought that maybe one day even he could find success in his life and host people on a yacht.

"One day, an idea struck me that even I, again, personally poor, could have a stately and dignified party on a big ship. As the captain mentioned, this ship is now being engaged in counter-piracy operation in Gulf of Aden.

This time, I asked my government to allow this ship to come up to Muscat," explained Kim.

The celebrations featured a performance of Korean music on traditional instruments such as the gayageum, a 12-string zither-like instrument, and the haegeum, a 2-string instrument played with a bow. Guests were also treated to freshly made Korean food, including kalbi (grilled beef), kimbab (rice rolled in dried seaweed) and kimchi (spicy pickled cabbage).

"It's an honour to celebrate this 40th anniversary between Korea and Oman," commented Commodore Hwang Sunwoo, Captain of the Korean Naval vessel Dae Jo Yeong.

Ambassador Kim said that Korean people believe that at the age of 40 years, life should be free from uncertainty, and that people should have learned from many of life's experiences. He said the relationship between South Korea and Oman can be described similarly.  

The Embassy of South Korea has also organised a number of events, including exchanges of high-level government officials and delegations, such as former president Lee Myung-bak who made a keynote speech at Oman Economic Forum.

"Next month, we will have Korean week 2014, which will provide all of you with the chances to taste and appreciate Korean traditional music, again, and Korean movies," he added.

Kim also spoke about the developments between Oman and South Korea since 1974, which have included strong bonds of cooperation and friendship in political, economic and cultural areas.

"Oman is one of the important energy sources for Korea, while Korean products including cars and electric appliances are very much preferred by the Omani people, and Korean companies, with their pleasure, are participating in many projects in Oman," the ambassador noted.

Kim said he and his staff would continue to boost the ties and cooperation between Oman and South Korea during his mandate here, especially in fields such the railway, petrochemical, health care and medical equipment, road construction, agriculture and aquaculture.

"I have tried to open my eyes as much wide as possible to find opportunities to promote our cooperation, and I realised that there are lots of potential. It is my sincere hope that cooperation in those fields will increase continuously in the future," he said.

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