Diwali is a time for all to celebrate
November 10, 2018 | 7:30 PM
by Times News Service

#ReadersResponse: With the recent weekend being a very sacred one for all those who celebrate Diwali in Oman, South Asian residents in the country were quick to point out that festivals are a time for everyone to celebrate, and invited all those in the nation to join them in their celebrations.

Diwali was officially celebrated on Tuesday, November 6, and Wednesday, November 7, but the celebrations are expected to carry on for at least a couple of weeks. Residents and citizens in Oman did not hold back from expressing their fond Diwali wishes to each other.

“My family wishes a very happy Diwali to all our Indian friends and families,” said Syed Sajjad Hussain, while Zhalamah Johnson added, “Happy Diwali to everyone here though I don't celebrate the festival. But I wish everyone celebrating.” Emma Kay said, “A very happy Diwali to everyone, especially to our Indian families and friends.”

Divyesh Ranjit Nandola was quick to thank His Majesty Sultan Qaboos bin Said for allowing freedom of religion and pluralistic development to thrive in the Sultanate. He said, “A big thank you to our beloved father, His Majesty Sultan Qaboos, and all our Omani national friends for making our days so special,” while Raj Kumar chipped in, “Happy Diwali, and a big thanks to His Majesty Sultan Qaboos bin Said.”

Mazhar Kasmi added, “Happy Diwali to all our Indian friends,” a sentiment that was echoed by Naresh Israney, who said, “Happy Diwali to all,” and Mayur Indi chimed in, “Wishing a very happy Diwali to all those living here in Oman and their loved ones.”

Diwali is, of course, a festival not just celebrated by Indians, but by others as well. The festival of lights signifies the triumph of good over evil, and in some cases, the heralding of the new year, the beginning of the harvest season, and is considered an auspicious time to set up new businesses.

“It’s not just Indians, but us Nepalis who are also celebrating Diwali,” said Gayatri Neupane, and she quickly received warm Diwali greetings from others in the Sultanate, as Divyesh Ranjist Nandola greeting her by saying, “With all due respect, happy Diwali to you,” as did Salim Siddique Sumra, who added, “Happy Diwali to you my sister.”

“I wish everyone a happy celebration this Diwali,” said Rajie Zainab, with Milind Kulkarni adding, “Wishing all a very happy Diwali.” Preeti Chhatwal added, “May the divine light of Diwali spread peace, prosperity and happiness in this beautiful country. Wishing all a very happy Diwali.”

“We celebrate Diwali by lighting lamps and candles in our house,” recalled Janki Rishit Hemani. “We switch on fancy lighting and do a colourful design at our doorstep. Our friends come over for dinner and we prepare special Diwali snacks and exchange sweets and gifts. I love this festival because it brings positivity and hope in everyone’s hearts.”

Shyam Maurya added, “Diwali is the festival of lights. I am not in India, but that is okay, because here in Oman, I will celebrate Diwali with my friends.”

Shanza Khan seemed to miss home, as she said, “I am missing India on the occasion of Diwali. The sweets and the lighting are just fantastic.”

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