Oman wellness: Food to avoid for acid reflux control

Lifestyle Saturday 19/August/2017 18:59 PM
By: Times News Service
Oman wellness: Food to avoid for acid reflux control

Intake of food plays a vital role in escalating or de-escalating the acid reflux condition. It is, therefore, essential to know the foods that cause acid reflux and avoid them. This becomes highly significant for the frequent or chronic sufferers of acid reflux to know and maintain a certain distance from such food items. What are the food items that cause acid reflux and need to be avoided? Well, there are several food items in the list that trigger acid reflux. Here are some foods that cause acid reflux and the patients need to observe utmost restraint and carefulness:

Citrus Fruits: Hearing the name of the citrus fruits such as grapefruits and oranges, you may feel drooling, but it is important to control if you suffer from acid reflux. The citrus fruits are known for their acid reflux stimulating properties and one requires avoiding these food items. It is, certainly, somewhat painful to keep away from such fruits, but it is better to say no if you really desire to keep acid reflux at bay.

Chocolates: The word in itself is sufficient to compel the chocolate lovers swallow their saliva, but there is bad news for the acid reflux patients or the people trying to find out what foods to avoid for acid reflux. Chocolates contain properties that trigger acid reflux. Also, chocolates are high in caffeine and cocoa that play vital role in catalysing acid reflux.

Tomato: Many food items will lose their ideal taste if tomato is removed from the list of its ingredients. Also, one may fail to reap the benefits from its lycopene, but it is better to avoid its consumption if you tend to suffer from acid reflux. The tomato contains acidic properties and it is prone to acid reflux.

Fatty and spicy foods: People who love spicy and fatty food may find it hard to keep these food items off the table, but it is essential for warding off acid reflux. Almost all types of fatty and spicy foods are in the list of foods that cause acid reflux and call for avoidance.

Garlic and onion: It is advisable to the acid reflux patients to not use large amounts of garlic and onion in their food as they are one of the front runners in the list of the foods that cause GERD.

Carbonated drinks: It may appear to be quite difficult for many to quit consuming carbonated drinks and alcohol, but if they really care for their health and desire to get rid of acid reflux, there is no alternative but to stop consuming these beverages.