Wadi warning after rain in parts of Oman

Energy Thursday 06/July/2017 16:12 PM
By: Times News Service
Wadi warning after rain in parts of Oman

Muscat: Residents in Ibra and Yanqul will be able to enjoy a brief respite from the searing heat across Oman, after rainfall was reported in both regions this afternoon.
"The rain in these two areas began at 2:30 in the afternoon, and is expected to continue for some time," said Badar Al Baddaei, the administrator of a local weather monitoring site, Rathth Weather. "Because of this, the wadis in these areas will be filled.
"I therefore want to ask the residents who live here not to take any chances on the roads, or not to play in the wadis, because it may be dangerous as the flow and speed of the waters are unpredictable," he added. "Tomorrow, it might continue, but we'll only know about that this evening."
The Royal Oman Police also tweeted a photo of the rain in Ibra, warning residents to the province to drive carefully: "It is 14:17 (2:20pm), and it is raining in the province of Ibra'a. Please exercise more caution while driving. Drive carefully!"
According to Al Baddaei, frequent rains are also expected in the Dhofar region, which is currently enjoying excellent weather as the Khareef season gets underway in and around Salalah.