Oman Weather: Temperatures expected to touch 50 degrees this week

Energy Monday 12/June/2017 21:40 PM
By: Times News Service
Oman Weather: Temperatures expected to touch 50 degrees this week

Muscat: Temperatures are likely to touch 50 degrees in Oman, according to the National Multi Hazard Early Warning Centre.
An official at the Centre said the temperature is likely to touch mid-40s to 50 degrees for two days, Monday and Tuesday, in the interior and in the deserts region because of the westerly winds.
However, Muscat will not see much rise in temperature, which was recorded at 40°C. “It will be 1 to 2 degrees more in Muscat and in the coastal areas of Oman,” the official said. The official said in places, such as Ibri, Buraimi and Adam, the temperatures are expected to remain high.
Officials at the National Multi Hazard Early Warning Centre said the country has started experiencing the impact of heat waves that develop in the Rub Al Khali (the Empty Quarter), a desert along the south western region of Oman, straddling the border with Saudi Arabia and the Yemen.
“Westerly winds coming in from Rub Al Khali have been pushing the heat waves into the country. Besides that clear skies and hot sunshine are also adding to the hot conditions,” he added.
He also said these are the toughest conditions and people are advised to take necessary protective measures before going out.
Citing the gradual rise in temperatures is normal in summer, he said that every year this happens during the summer months when the temperature reaches close to 50 degrees. The Met office said the maximum temperature recorded was 47.5°C in Fahud, 46.8°C in Ibri and 46.6°C in Rustaq and Sunaynah on Monday.
In its forecast for the next couple of days, the Met office forecast clear to partly cloudy skies along the Dhofar coast and the adjoining mountains and mainly clear skies over most of the Sultanate, with a chance of clouds formation over the Al–Hajar Mountains.
Sea conditions are expected to be rough along the coastal areas of the Arabian Sea, with a maximum wave height of 3.25 metres, and moderate along rest of the coast, with a maximum wave height of 1.5 metres.