Fines, convictions under Oman consumer protection law

Energy Tuesday 21/March/2017 14:53 PM
By: Times News Service
Fines, convictions under Oman consumer protection law

Sohar: A Sohar court has handed out convictions and fines totalling OMR5,000 for violations of the consumer protection law.
A consumer filed a complaint against a vehicle exportation company after a breach of an agreement with the company to transfer his vehicle to Egypt.
The consumer was not able to receive his vehicle from the company’s branch in Egypt as the office never received the paperwork to release the vehicle. After trying to get in contact with the company in Oman, to no avail, the consumer had to pay for the paperwork to release his vehicle from the port again in addition to paying a late fee.
The Department of Consumer Protection in Sohar launched an investigation and filed the case in court. Two were accused of violating the consumer protection law under two charges.
The judge fined them OMR2,000 for lacking credibility towards the consumer.
For failing to provide the agreed service, the judge ordered the two accused, either individually or by pooling together, to pay OMR1,500 to the consumer.
The second case involved a manpower services company’s failure to adhere to terms and conditions of the service guarantee, where the housemaid refused to work for an employer and the company failed to find a replacement.
The court convicted the person responsible and fined him OMR500 for failing to follow conditions and OMR100 for failing to replace the housemaid. The judge also ordered the accused to reimburse the OMR1,400 that the consumer paid including court costs.