Coronavirus cases in Muscat Governorate crosses 12,000
June 6, 2020 | 3:57 PM
by Times News service
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Muscat: Oman recorded the highest numbers of new COVID-19 cases on Saturday.

The Sultanate registered 930 new cases of coronavirus taking the total number of cases to 16,016 with 3,451 recoveries and 72 deaths.

The Muscat governorate, which has 12,195 cases, registered 757 new cases with 4,706 in Muttrah and 3,608 cases in the wilayat of Seeb, the wilayat of Bausher registered 3149 cases and 489 cases were registered in wilayat of Al Amerat. Wilayat of Muscat has 170 cases and wilayat of Quriyat has 73. The Muscat governorate has so far recorded 59 deaths and 1,958 recoveries.

North Al Batinah governorate registered 39 new cases taking the total to 1,045 cases, 263 of them have been registered in wilayat of Suwaiq, 335 cases in wilayat of Sohar, and 118 in Shinas. Saham reported 156 cases, wilayat of Liwa has 114 cases and 59 cases were registered in wilayat of Al Khaburah. North Al Batinah recorded 349 recoveries and two deaths.

South Al Batinah governorate, which has 990 cases, registered 63 new cases, 435 in wilayat of Burka, 145 cases in wilayat of Rustaq, 222 in wilayat of Masnaah, 84 in wilayat of Al Awabi, 63 in wilayat of Nakhal and 41 cases in wilayat of Wadi Al Malawi have been registered so far. The South Al Batinah governorate recorded 377 recoveries and 6 deaths.

South Al Sharqiyah governorate registered 15 new cases with a total reaching 390 cases, 246 of them have been registered in wilayat of Jalan Bani Buali, 89 in wilayat of Sur, 43 cases in wilayat if Al Kamil Wal Wafi, 10 in wilayat of Jalan Bani Buhassan, and 2 cases in wilayat of Masirah. South Al Sharqiyah governorate has so far recorded 215 recoveries and 3 deaths.

North Al Sharqiyah governorate registered 9 new cases with a total of 209 cases, 113 in wilayat of Al Mudhaibi, 23 cases in wilayat of Bidiyah, 23 in wilayat of Dima Wattayeen, 4 in Wadi Bani Khalid, 37 in wilayat of Ibra, and 9 cases in wilayat of Al Qabil have been registered. North Al Sharqiyah governorate reported 49 recoveries.

Al Dakhiliyah governorate, which has a total of 605 cases, has registered 8 new cases, with 168 cases in wilayat of Samail, 127 in wilayat of Nizwa, 93 in wilayat of Bidbid, 86 in wilayat of Izki, 53 in wilayat of Bahla, 60 in wilayat of Adam, 8 in wilayat of Manah, and 10 cases in wilayat of Al Hamra . Al Dakhiliyah governorate reported 340 recoveries.

The number of cases in Buraimi governorate reached 171, with 152 cases in Al Dhahirah governorate and one death. 45 confirmed infections in Dhofar governorate and one death has also been recorded.

Al Wusta governorate has 205 of coronavirus cases and Musandam governorate recorded the lowest cases of infection, with only 2 cases and 7 recoveries.

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