Electronic route for foreign investors' residence permit renewal applications
June 3, 2020 | 6:24 PM
by Times News Service
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Muscat: Applications would be received electronically from foreign investors for renewal of residence permits, the Ministry of Commerce and Industry has announced.

A statement issued online by the Ministry of Commerce and Industry said, “The Ministry of Commerce and Industry in coordination with the Ministry of Manpower and the Royal Oman Police (ROP) will receive the applications for renewal of the residence permits of foreign investors electronically (via e-mail) to reduce the spread of the coronavirus and to facilitate the continuation of work of institutions and companies.”

The statement pointed out, “The Ministry will review and audit the documents of the institution or company and transfer them to the competent authorities after completing all the formalities."

The Ministry said, “Investors wishing to renew the permits must attach a number of documents in their e-mail to the Audit and Control of Commercial Establishments at the [email protected]”

The statement explained, “The attached documents should include the annual budget or a recent financial statement approved by an accounting office, a bank account statement for a period of no less than six months of the company, lease contracts and municipal licences for effective activities, as well as a statement of social insurance and a statement of the expatriate workforce.”

“In addition, a copy of the passport, residence permit and investor card and a statement of transfer of wages for all employees for the last six months,” the statement added.

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