New York sees worst 24 hours yet with 630 deaths
April 5, 2020 | 3:06 PM
by DW
Supplied image

The US state of New York recorded 630 COVID-19 fatalities, its highest 24-hour spike in deaths since the outbreak began. New York is the hardest-hit US state, with over 113,000 cases and 3,565 deaths.

New York City Mayor Bill de Blasio sent out a video message calling for help, urging any available medical professional to come to the city's aid.

"Anyone who's not already in this fight, we need you," de Blasio said.

Hospitals in New York City are being overwhelmed with COVID-19 patients requiring intensive care. There are currently over 63,000 cases in the city, which is more than 20% of the US total.

The Chinese government said it is facilitating the donation of 1,000 ventilators to New York, Governor Andrew Cuomo said Saturday. The western US state of Oregon also volunteered to send 140 ventilators.

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