Choose the best wireless headphones for work
October 21, 2018 | 6:41 PM
by Courtesy of Dale Harris/
Look for headphones that offer 20 hours of battery life. These will last throughout your work or gaming sessions.

Do you love listening to music while jogging or working? If you do then you likely rely on a good pair of headphones. That’s not going to be easy these days because a lot of phones are starting to shift away from wired connections. Ever since Apple removed the traditional 3.5mm headphone jack from the iPhone 7, it’s become a rare sight in smartphones. Google did the same with their Pixel phones and justified it as a means to give more space for a bezel-less design. This means more phones will follow suit and you’ll have to rely on wireless headphones from now on. Finding the best one is easy as long as you know what to look for. Here are four essential tips to follow when looking for the best ones in the market.

Sound isolation

If you’re a working musician submitting to blogs and producers then you know how important it is to hear every note. You can’t do this if there’s a lot of external noise, like the sound of cars or people chatting beside you in the subway.

One important feature to look for is sound isolation, also called noise isolation. This ensures that once the headphones are on they’ll block out all the background sounds for you. This guarantees you can hear nothing else but the music from your phone.

Wireless headphones reliability

Go back a few years ago and Bluetooth was one of the least reliable connection options. Its range was short and you’d deal with constant disconnections. That’s no longer the case thanks to newer innovations like Bluetooth 5. The latest lineup of iPhones and Android devices support it and so do most wireless headphones. Look for the newest Bluetooth support whenever you go shopping for headsets. It will guarantee stronger connections and a wider range.

Sound quality

Sound isolation is only the beginning. You’ll want a pair that guarantees the highest quality sound that wireless technology can offer. For the best headphones, make sure to look into other qualities such as:

• Impedance

• Total Harmonic Distortion (THD)

• Sensitivity levels

• Sound pressure levels

• Noise cancellation

• Total frequency response

If you’re not sure about the qualities of the headphones you’re looking at, you can conduct an audio check first.

Battery life

For most people, 10 hours of battery life is fine. If you’re a musician, or if you rely on music for long exercising sessions then this won’t do. You’ll need longer battery life options. Look for headphones that offer 20 hours of battery life. These will last throughout your work or gaming sessions.

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