New programme to benefit job seekers and retirees
February 24, 2020 | 4:40 PM
by Times News Service
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Muscat: Youth Vision, an Omani company focusing on benefiting young Omanis through high quality and professional social programmes using an entertaining approach, in partnership with BP Oman, and for the first time, launches Teqdar 60 Minutes programme.

The programme is directly linked to ‘Teqdar’ (‘You Can’) programme that is part of BP Oman’s Social Investment Programme and has been running for five years aiming at empowering graduates and job seekers. Teqdar 60 Minutes programme offers a platform to benefit two parties, the job seekers and the retirees. It provides training, mentorship and advice for the job seekers through experienced retirees. The programme will be implemented in April and will continue to June 2020 targeting to train 15 retirees; to qualify as mentors to approximately 30 job seekers.

Shamsa bint Ahmed Al-Rawahiya, Social Investment Manager at BP Oman, commented saying, “Teqdar 60 Minutes is considered as one of the Social Investment programmes of BP Oman for this year. The programme aims to invest in retirees’ experience, to pass their knowledge, skills, network and others onto the job seekers. This creates an interface to trade and acquire knowledge in the community and guides our graduates and job seekers to enhance their skill-set to be more employable. The programme reinforces the impact we want to reach, and it encourages the young Omanis to find solutions towards job seeking challenges. We expect that the impact of the programme to be deep. The programme targets a new category that has not been the focus of any similar programme before; the retirees. Teqdar 60 Minutes will contribute to developing the capacity of the retirees on how to mentor and effectively offer their knowledge. It has set curriculum to enable them to become consultants in the future. It is expected that the programme will enhance the relationships between the retirees and the job seekers to benefit through exchange experience and the knowhow. It will be implemented in Muscat, Dhahirah and Dakhiliah Governorates, BP Oman concession areas.”

Rahma Adam, Programme Manager of Teqdar 60 Minutes, Youth Vision, commented: “This year we worked on Teqdar 60 Minutes to be alongside our previously launched Teqdar programme aimed towards job seekers. The programme will start with training the mentors through a series of workshops for three days. This will teach the mentors how to consult and deliver constructed knowledge based on their experience. By joining this programme, the retirees will be taught via various topics on how to guide the job seekers, including understanding the mentor’s purpose and role, getting to know their strengths and skills and how to apply them to improve the job seekers’ skills. The mentorship and guidance will take more than one approach; it will be done either via face to face or through online discussions and chats. Thirty job seekers will be selected and introduced to their mentors. Youth vision will closely monitor the programme and the mentoring between the two parties, to assess all the outcomes and attend to any reoccurring needs.”

BP Oman’s Social Investment Programme is a unique model that works towards serving and empowering local Omani capabilities in driving Oman towards a self-sufficient and progressive future. BP Oman’s Social Investment Programme (SIP) was launched in 2014. Over 55,000 people and more than 150 SMEs are estimated to have benefitted directly so far from the more than 70 initiatives that have taken place. BP Oman’s Social Investment Programme aims to support Oman’s national priorities in the development of Omani people, economic diversification and job creation. The Social Investment Programme delivers projects under three main themes of Enterprise Development, Education and Energy Sustainability.

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