Central fruits and vegetables market renovated

Energy Wednesday 05/February/2020 16:40 PM
By: Times News Service
Central fruits and vegetables market renovated

Muscat: The Muscat Municipality has renovated the Central Fruits and Vegetables Market in Al Mawaleh, by adding many features including additional parking and installing 42 toilets.

In a statement detailing the new facilities, the Muscat Municipality said: “We have created a new entrance at the central fruits and vegetables market, paving additional parking, improving the internal roads, developing and cooling the customs inspection area, allocating a yard for loading goods for (wholesalers), creating special corridors for forklifts, setting up a rainwater drainage channel, and establishing 42 new toilets.”

Located at a distance of some 42 kilometres from old Muscat, the Mawaleh fruits and vegetables market has long been the epicentre of fruits and vegetables trade of not just Muscat, but of most of the surrounding areas as well. The produce market not only features the fruits and vegetables grown in Oman, but also offers an array of products that are shipped to Oman from overseas.