Fishing, diving season postponed in Oman
December 6, 2019 | 9:03 AM
by Times News Service
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Muscat: The Ministry of Agriculture and Fisheries published a notification on Thursday to inform divers and fishermen about the postponement of the diving season for fishing and gathering of Al Sefaileh for the 2019 season which will now begin from Wednesday, December 11 till the 20th.

The Ministry called upon all to abide by the rules for diving, fishing and gathering Al Sefaileh during this period.

The announcement made by the Ministry said: “Due to the tropical state that affects the Sultanate and its coinciding with the diving season for fishing and gathering Al Sefaileh, it was decided to postpone the season to be during the period December 11-20, 2019.”

“This procedure is in public interest and to protect the safety of divers,” the Ministry said.

“The Ministry calls on all divers, fishermen and all working in the fisheries sector to abide by diving for fishing and gathering Al Sefaileh during the period referred to, and not to risk going to the sea,” the Ministry added.

The Ministry also calls on all to keeping boats and equipment to store them in safe places and stressed the need to follow up on weather forecasts issued by the competent official authorities to know the developments of the tropical situation and the need to follow the instructions.

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