Allow access to meter or lose power: Omani consumers warned
October 9, 2019 | 11:45 AM
by Times News Service
Photo - Mazoon Electricity

Muscat: Residents who do not arrange for their electricity consumption meters to be read for six months will have their property marked as abandoned by Mazoon Electricity, which will result in power cuts for safety and security reasons, the company warned.

It urged subscribers to cooperate with the issuing of invoices reflecting the actual electricity consumption.

The company confirmed in a statement that it is keen to issue accurate invoices according to the actual consumption of electricity by taking a direct reading from the meter, but that most times the meter reader is unable to record the reading. This occurs mostly because the property owner is not present during the visit or there are obstacles that hinder the process like the meter being placed in a closed box or being covered with mesh, among other reasons.

Besides, customers can also provide self-reading of the meter through the company's website while also taking the step of moving the meter outside the property. Customers can call 80077771 for more information.

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