Be sure to vote in upcoming elections: Shura Council
August 25, 2019 | 8:29 AM
by Times News Service

Muscat: Oman’s Shura Council has called on citizens to cast their votes and choose their representatives in the upcoming elections, scheduled to take place in October.

Dr Salim Al Shukaili, legal consultant for the Shura Council, said: “The importance of voting comes from the responsibility given to every citizen in Oman. Voting is a right, but a duty as well and people should know that they should practice their right and duty in delivering qualified people to the Shura Council.

Speaking about the importance of the council, he added, “We are looking towards a new period of giving and growth and the start of a new five-year plan. I believe that the next period will be important because of a new vision, Vision 2040 and because there will be a new five-year plan.

“This period is important and precise, in which we continue to build our future for the good of both the current generation and the generations to come. “Omanis are not known for dependence and so I believe that people will vote despite what we hear from some corners,” he added.

H.E Hamad Al Aghbari, Wali of Ibra, said: “This is a patriotic event that we see every four years and which proves the leadership’s will to expand the scope of participation in decision-making. Omani citizens are called on to participate in their patriotic duty and right with the freedom to choose the candidate they think will be best.”

According to Al Aghbari, people are excited to vote and want the chance to make their decision count.

Speaking about voter registration in the Governorate of North Al Sharqiyah, he said: “I can say that the indicators are very positive and that both males and females have been registering themselves as voters in order to be able to vote on voting day.”

The voting register is still open according to Al Aghbari, who urged all who had not registered yet to do so as soon as possible. People have become even more encouraged to vote after the lists of Shura candidates were released at the offices of the Walis across Oman on August 6.

In North Al Sharqiyah, 43 candidates are competing across six wilayahs, each of which are represented by one Shura member, with the exception of Al Mudhaibi which has two representatives. Al Mudhaibi also has the highest number of candidates at 12, one of whom is a female, running against each other to represent the wilayah.

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