Saluting young trailblazers
October 14, 2012 | 12:00 AM
Team members of the winning company Mathaq savour the taste of victory. The company produces tea with new Omani flavours. Supplied photo

Muscat: Mathaq company bagged the Sharakati Student Company of the Year 2102  award instituted by Injaz. At a  glittering function held here yesterday,   Ali bin Masoud Al Sunaidi, Commerce and Industry Minister, conferred the award on Mathaq, which produces tea with new Omani flavours.

Speaking on the occasion, Khalid Zubair, Chairman of Injaz, said the award is meant to be an inspiration for the current crop of entrepreneurs and those who are likely to become entrepreneurs. It is for the students to prepare themselves for the development of the economy and become an intrinsic part of it. Recognition is an important fuel in an entrepreneur's journey and this is the first step in their journey towards becoming businessmen, he said.

Mathaq intends to develop people's choice of having their favourite beverages and also maintaining a level of profitability. It is building  a powerful brand in the market to become one of the largest FMCG products. The number of employees in the company is 11. The award carries cash prize of RO5,000. 

The best innovative award went to Sahar Al Rimaal, whose project is about developing and preserving the traditional Omani game of 'Al-Hwalies', by promoting its onsite and mobile usage. It intends to teach more people to play the game, make it popular among the Omanis and make sure that the game remains part of the Omani lifestyle. The award carries a cash prize of RO1,000.

Reaching out
The best marketing campaign award went to Oman 3D. The company's activities include visiting Children's Care Home to show the interest of the company on the development of the social sector in the community;  celebrate 'qaranqashouh' to share the joy of the children;  organise a competition of Omani photographs to encourage and enrich Omani culture and tourism;  prepare a leadership workshop for the company's staff to increase their involvement in the cultural aspect of service;  implement a camp to bridge the deficiencies in the company in cooperation with Omran volunteers.

The organisers said it was tough to evaluate the winners as all the student companies had put up a good show.  The selection process looked at  criteria such as start-ups, creativity and sustainability of business model, challenges countered and how they were overcome, competitive standing, strength of the team, excellence in execution, and vision and willingness to dream big etc. 

The winner of 'Company of the Year' will qualify for the regional award to compete with students from the region at the annual Injaz Al Arab event which is scheduled to be held in Doha, Qatar in November 2012. 

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