Learn how to eat healthy at a Mexican restaurant
July 29, 2019 | 10:00 PM
by Courtesy of Article City

Dieters, in general, steer clear of Mexican restaurants because of the lard-laden foods that make it so tasty. But when you focus on fresh, light ingredients, you can walk out of your favourite restaurant feeling light and happy.

An average adults need 2,000 to 2,500 calories a day to maintain their current weight, depending on their gender. With that said, it’s no wonder that Mexican food gets a bad rap when a single plate of nachos can exceed 2,000 calories.

But when you step into a Mexican restaurant, you don’t have to automatically call the day a cheat day. You can stick with your diet while staring with a basket of fried chips and rich queso because you have these options.

Learn how to eat healthy at a Mexican restaurant by focusing on what you can eat and not what you should avoid.

To eat healthy at Mexican restaurants, you need to begin thinking about the tasty options you do have instead of the thing you shouldn’t have. Focus on the good, the crunchy, and the flavourful.

Pico de Gallo

When you get your basket of chips upon sitting down, ask for a side of fresh, pico de gallo instead of sad-looking salsa. This will perk up the chips and give you some solid vitamins from the start.

Starter salads

Consider bypassing the chips altogether and beginning with a filling, starter salad. Many Mexican restaurants have a fresh, lettuce salad on their menu.


If you’re looking for protein from the start, consider beginning with some ceviche, marinated raw fish that will begin filling you from the start.

Black beans

Instead of using salsa with your chips, ask for a serving of black beans. These little nuggets are high in both protein and fibre and low in fat.

Grainy corn not refined flour

When you have the option, ask for corn tortillas instead of flour tortillas. Corn has fibrous grain instead of refined flour.

Fresh fajitas not saucy enchiladas

Selecting fajitas means you can choose how much product you put on each corn tortillas. If you opt for vegetable fajitas, you can pile the tortillas high and feel good about your choices. Keep the cheese and queso to a minimum and instead stick with fresh salsa or guacamole as your topper.

Grilled fish

If you opt for meat, go for grills. Select the grilled fish entree or grilled fish tacos, which will give you your dose of joint-loving omega 3’s for the day.

Street tacos

Street tacos usually have grilled meat and lots of fresh veggies on tiny corn tortillas. They pack a nice, fresh punch.

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