Kiosks to provide traditional Omani food in Dhofar
July 15, 2019 | 8:44 PM
by Times News Service
Photo by Mohammed Tabook

Muscat: Nearly 100 stalls have been set up on Salalah’s Ittin Plain to provide traditional Omani food for Khareef season visitors, Dhofar Municipality has announced.

The Municipality said in a statement online: “In line with the municipal work and services for Khareef Tourism Season in 2019, Dhofar Municipality completed the implementation of the project involving temporary food stalls project in the Ittin plain. 96 stalls were established to be available to those involved in the profession of preparing and selling grills and other foods.”

Citizens praised the efforts of the municipality, as it made the area more organised and beautiful.

Mohammed Tabook from Dhofar said: “We appreciate Dhofar Municipality for setting up the new kiosks on the Ittin plain. We thank them for developing the beauty of the area, as well as the continuous attention focused towards the development of the area.”

Since the beginning of the Khareef season more than 70,000 tourists have visited Dhofar, the National Centre for Statistics and Information (NCSI) has announced. According to NCSI’s latest statistics, a total of 71,903 tourists have visited Salalah, 52 per cent of them were Omanis, 6.8 per cent from UAE and 14.8 per cent were from other GCC countries.

In this context, Ahmed Bahajaj, the General Supervisor of the Dhofar Municipality office, and the Head of project Implementation said: “This project comes within the plans of the Municipality of Dhofar to provide facilities that meet the needs of the Khareef season, where the project was implemented with specifications including the health requirements of these types of stalls and in an organised and beautiful way which leave a good impression on visitors.”

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